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Let's Make it Better!

Our relationship with the Children's hospital began back in 2012 when we were asked to design an identity for the art department that both commission art for the building and engage patients and their families in art based activities in order to promote wellbeing and aid recovery.

Artfelt Identity

We designed a fluid playful hand rendered marque and created the strapline; making hospital feel better. When we were then asked to re-design the identity for the Children's Hospital Charity those sentiments started to form and develop a proposition for the hospital. We adapted the strapline for the charity to 'Let's make it better' it's an inclusive and powerful statement that empowers fundraisers to help a hospital that strives to care for the wellbeing of it's patients and continual improvement of care. It also resonates with any parent who has uttered those words of empathy to their child with tears in there eyes from a broken arm to a grazed knee. Below is a recent article on Digital Arts Online that talks about our work for the new Brand Identity for the charity.

New Children's Hospital Charity Logo

DIGITAL ARTS ONLINE - The project started with creative communications agency Peter & Paul who worked with the charity’s marketing team to create a new logo, plaster and colour palette. “The re-design was fundamentally to unify the marketing communications with a distinctly more unique identity capturing the warmth vibrancy and positivity that the charity embodies,” said creative director Paul Reardon. Peter & Paul also wanted Theo, the charity’s much-loved mascot, to work harder. Sheffield design duo Tado, who already work closely with the charity, were commissioned to breathe life into a new look for the bear. “Theo has been around for a number of years now," said Reardon. "We felt it was time to modernise his characteristics in order to make him relate better to a younger audience and also allowing the charity to create more commercial opportunities for fundraising activities in the near future."

  • Plaster Device
  • Adshel poster
  • Adshel poster
  • Supporter plaster
  • Fundraiser reward badges
  • Theo 'T' Pawprint
  • Theo Bear - initial design concepts
  • Theo Bear - initial design concepts
  • Theo Bear - initial design concepts
New Theo Bear

“Ever since we started working with The Childrens Hospital Charity, re-designing Theo was always an ambition of ours so we were very excited when we were given the chance to get involved," said Tado's Katie Deng. "We were very much up for the challenge of creating a warm, friendly, fun, modern new Theo who would be able to become the new face of everything the charity does and work alongside the fantastic new charity brand created by Peter and Paul. Katie’s partner, Mike, added: “We'd identified a few key needs that Theo had to include, such as creating an instantly recognisable silhouette, making sure he worked well alongside the new branding and most importantly, that he must be totally unique and couldn't be confused with any other bears. At the same time, he had to be warm, friendly, fun and extremely huggable.” The Theo design process took Tado over a year, including market research in schools.

Final Theo Bear compositions

Digital agency Rocket then pulled together all the elements and created a new website, making it easier for users to find out more about the charity and how they can help. "We loved working with the team at The Children's Hospital Charity,"said Nick Crossland, senior digital producer at Rocket. "A lot of the team are parents, but before this project none of us ever really appreciated how lucky we are having this national facility on our doorstep. We’re excited for the future of the charity and so pleased to be part of it”

Website developed by Rckt

The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield is one of four stand-alone children’s hospitals in the UK. The hospital provides world class expertise caring for 245,000 patient journeys across the UK and beyond. Money raised through donations to The Children’s Hospital Charity buys life-saving equipment, funds vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world. In 2012 the Charity launched its biggest appeal to date, the Make it Better appeal which aims to raise £10m regionally to transform the hospital. Lots of wards were built in the 1960s, the hospital is becoming increasingly cramped and there is limited outdoor space. The money raised by the appeal will help match the world class facilities with the existing world class care already received. To find out more about The Children’s Hospital Charity, visit