Campaign / Art Direction

Lord it up!

Our new campaign for Thornbridge Brewery Faux Lord Real Beer launches on April fools day. Based around a piece of history from Thornbridge hall, home of the Brewery, was once owned by George Marples who proclaimed himself Lord Marples and bullt a railway outside his home in order to attract aristocracy from London. Having never been granted a peerage his lord status was a fake.

This is the first International marketing campaign Thornbridge has undertaken inline with there increase in distribution as a global brewery to more than 30 countries and throughout the UK in Tesco, Waitrose, Booths and to underpin there values as a brand positioning campaign that looks to build a deeper connection and participation with the drinkership. So our idea was to revive the fake lord status by giving an opportunity to the consumers to become the New fake lord of Thornbridge. Each participant enters the competition via Instagram and stakes their claim as to why they should become the next Faux Lord for the chance to earn the peerage with a year of beer and a Thornbridge Hall takeover. We created print and digital campaign of photography and a series of stings of four regular people as faux Lords along with a disgruntled stiff upper lipped butler at their service capturing debourched and eccentric scenarios of lording it up in the 16 bedroom & 42 bathroom mansion. New content will be released peridocally until the competition finishes in September when the New Faux Lord will be offically inaugurated. Watch this space!

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