Campaign / Interiors

Leeds College of Artists And Future Designers

We've worked with Leeds College of Art for a while now – we've designed their new look identity, worked on interiors and in print and we're also about to embark on some new stuff as they reach their 170th year.

Some time ago we ran a couple of projects with their students to design some interior artwork and come up with a campaign and identity for the end of year show. The results to both were pretty amazing. Tons of energy, loads of very different ideas. The 'winner' of the interior project was a chap called Dan Everitt, whilst Harrison Park and Sam Horbury produced a really good campaign for the end of year show based on the concept of a temporary show of students with one foot in the real world. I woulda been proud to put my name to either piece of work. We're now working on some interior artwork for the Fine Art department and then after that Illustration. So more will follow.

Interior Peg wall concept: Dan Everitt
Interior Peg Wall - Dan Everitt
Make or Break concept
End of year Show campaign concept -
Going Going Gone concept developments
Going Going Gone chosen route
Going Gong Gone press advertising