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Inside and Out Issue One

My view is clearly the most important when it comes to design and all things creative. I often find myself relying on my gut when providing creative input into our projects – all much appreciated by the design team as you can imagine.

Each month I review what we have done in the studio, looking at resourcing, schedules, budgets etc and so always have a flick through the work we have produced that month, it nearly always amazes me the volume of different ideas floating round our studio at any one time and the resulting work that pops out. Anyway we have just launched our new site and wanting to write a blog post and be in the creative crew I thought I’d share my favourite thing (which highlights my creative input obviously) from inside the studio this month and while I’m at it my favourite thing which has happened outside the studio.

My favourite inside the studio – We have been working with a client called Printaply, they were after a new brand identity and help to reposition themselves. Part of the job was to design a mailer to showcase their new laminate & film range. A photo concept was born and we got first sight of the photos in June. They literally blew my mind – here are my favourites (aka the ones I want in my house) …..

  • Camembert
  • Aubergine
  • Beetle

Ouside the studio - June was all about my friend Clare’s 30th the two of us went on an adventure to Iceland for the weekend. I had no real idea of what to expect when we got there but was both overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised. Although the landscape and in large part architecture feels quite brutal and a little bleek the place was inviting, warm and fascinating.