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Cut price creative idea!

Earlier this year we pitched for The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts undergraduate creative. We didn't actually get the work, instead we lost out to this. Nevermind. You win some, you lose some.

But I've been looking again at the work we did for the pitch and I think it's still worth something. So I'm putting a call out to any client reading this (are there any clients reading this?): If you have a (probably performing arts related) project and you're interested in developing this idea, It's yours... So long as we are doing the developing. And the great thing is that the initial creative phase of the work has already happened, so you don't have to go through the tricky stage of getting the idea signed off by the guys at the top of the chain! You can show them this blog post. Also given the beginning stage is done, you wouldn't need to pay for it. It's a bumper deal! A one off-never-to-be-repeated-unless-this-actually-works opportunity.

Next week: all the logos we've ever drawn that didn't get picked.

Type experiment 1
Type experiment 2
Outer envelope
Alphabet bags