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Boxing with Leeds College of Art

It's end-of-year-shows time again people. This year, like last, we ran a project with students at Leeds College of Art to design their 'EOYS' campaign. The result was a lot of hard work and tons for boxes constructed from card.

The way it works is that we brief students and give them a week to submit some ideas in groups. We choose our favourite two submissions and get them to fight it out to the (almost) death to win the approval of the University management. This submission by Alex Phipps and Liam Bailey-Meagher was chosen as the winner: A visual idea based on representing people as coloured boxes. They made each box with their own fair hands. The show runs from 20th – 26th May for Foundation courses, and 11th – 16th June for BA courses. Get yourself down, it's pretty much always really brilliant. And make sure you don't leave before seeing textiles. That's usually my favourite. I know, right?

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