• 5% Pete
  • 10% Paul
  • 15% Kat
  • 45% Lee
  • 10% Dan
  • 10% Amy

Peter & Paul
& Kat & Lee
& Dan & Tom
& Rachel & Dan
& Ellie

Idea Makers ™
  • Brand, manifesto, book and website for a contemporary architecture property development practice.

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  • Used by the worlds leading image makers. EIZO ColorEdge turn ideas into Living, breathing colour.

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  • A brand identity for a chicken restaurant with a conscience. Healthy food, socially responsible and not for profit. Good chicken is for everyone!

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  • Campaign work for Huddersfield University. A celebration of what happens when you make that all important choice. The life you’ll live, who you’ll meet and where it’ll take you: Everything Starts Now.

  • Brand, strategy, writing, art direction, film and design for an architects practise with people at the centre of their culture. First people, then design.

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  • A new identity, a mural, the word YES painted on a wall, collaborating with students, working in print, film and online for one of the best art institutions in England.

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  • 3 days, over 500 acts, 100,000 people and one city's love affair with music.

  • Brought to you by a Punk and a Yorkshireman: Edict is a free biannual insanity project. There's too much of everything, here's some more.

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  • Where great ideas live.

  • A head full of furniture for London Design Week. 50% thinking. 50% doing. 100% design

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  • Both a physical and cerebral space, Hallam University’s STEM department cultivates and develop the brightest minds to solve the defining problems in the 21st century in from Energy Natural Resources to space exploration & artificial intelligence. STEM needed a physical brand identity that communicated it’s philosophy of teaching and R&D projects to the outside world; helping to re-think the 21st century of tomorrow by having the curiosity and open mindedness to ask the right questions.

    So we created Exo Lab.
    The Department of what if?

  • Exploring Outcomes.
    Examining Objects.
    Exceeding Originality.
    Expert Open.

  • 10 x 10
    10 Stories
    10 Specialisms
    In Computing /
    & Mathematics

  • Visual positioning, writing, art direction, editorial design and a new attitude for a modern Institute of Arts.

  • Come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable. Welcome to your new home from home.

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