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  • 5% Pete
  • 10% Paul
  • 15% Kat
  • 45% Lee
  • 10% Dan
  • 10% Jhade

Peter & Paul
& Kat & Lee
& Dan & Jhade

Idea Makers ™

A new identity, a mural, the word YES painted on a wall, collaborating with students, working in print, film and online for one of the best art institutions in England.

3 days, over 500 acts, 100,000 people and one city's love affair with music.

Brought to you by a Punk and a Yorkshireman: Edict is a free biannual insanity project. There's too much of everything, here's some more.

Rebranding an award winning London architects with a focus on design, clarity and community.

Empowering to create. Every day Creative England are helping people make games, films, TV and digital products. Our job: Bring that story to life.

Where great ideas live.

A head full of furniture for London Design Week. 50% thinking. 50% doing. 100% design

Visual positioning, writing, art direction, editorial design and a new attitude for a modern Institute of Arts.

Come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable. Welcome to your new home from home.

Reflecting 40 years of history and modernity online and in film with branding and art direction.

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